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Wordpress 2.5 Friend or Foe

Ok so here saw Wordpress 2.5 and had to upgrade? I did but not with my blog hehe ;). After some testing and miss haps during installations I am proud to say that I will be waiting until the next major stable release before i upgrade this blog.

I have found a few issues with wordpress 2.5 that bug me.

The image and file uploader when set to organise by “month/year” does not work and causes some serious issues like the file will be present in the image browser but the image won’t be in my directory on the server - very strange…I did try to use some htaceess fixes which did not work and setting permissions correctly but still no hope so i thought all was lost!

But for anybody having this problem I found the solution to be an unsecure chmod777 setting for the upload directory. If you don’t mind this setting then go right ahead and use it and everything should be working fine for you guys. :)

The second little bug which annoys me because i try to take pride in my graphics - although this may have been overlooked in the mad rush to get Wordpress 2.5 out into the public after the delayed week on the release date. But the Wordpress logo on the bottom left is a terrible version of a gif with the edges being shown.

I have updated my own just purely for the fact that I can’t stand tacky graphics!! :(

For me it will take a while to get used to the new interface but i’m sure it will grow on me just as Wordpress has :)

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  1. Skip Hire UK November 6th, 2008 12:38 am

    i havent upgraded mine yet, but good to take this into consideration.


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